Since changing its name from ELSPA, the UKIE has swelled to 86 members.
The United Kingdon Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) trade association has more than doubled its membership since changing its name from ELSPA in September, 2010. 46 new members have joined from across the videogame industry.
UKIE’s official press release states that its members accounted for 97 per cent of physical videogame sales in the UK in 2010.
UKIE Chairman Andy Payne said: “Doubling the size of our membership in less than a year means that we can now truly say that UKIE represents all parts of the interactive entertainment industry.”
“We are now no longer pre-dominantly a publisher trade body, as for the first time non-publisher interactive entertainment businesses make up the majority of UKIE membership. We look forward to this new balance of membership being reflected in the UKIE Board elections later this year”.
UKIE Board Member and Eidos Life President, Ian Livingstone OBE said: “UKIE’s continually growing membership proves its relevance to our fast evolving industry.”
“One of UKIE’s main remits is to make the UK the best place in the world for interactive entertainment businesses to operate. Whether you’re a traditional publisher or developer, a retailer, a distributor, a multi-media platform or one of the ever growing number of Indie developers, I’d urge everybody to join UKIE.”
“Being able to represent the whole industry gives a clear voice to government and will allow UKIE to push forward in delivering its vital policy agenda, including of course the implementation of the Livingstone-Hope skills review recommendations.”

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