Unable to redeem a Dirty Bomb beta key? It’s being sorted

Did you receive a Dirty Bomb key that has failed to work? Splash Damage are on it.

This evening Splash Damage has been sending out 100,000 beta keys for this weekend’s Dirty Bomb beta test but unfortunately some codes are coming up as already redeemed. Fear not, Splash Damage are aware of the problem and issued a statement to reassure any new testers.

“Some of you may have received an email with a beta key and upon trying to use it were told that it has already been redeemed. First and foremost we apologize for the inconvenience- but we do have good news! We will be sending you a fresh-new-working key @ 12:00 AM PST/8AM GMT February 21st. Be on the lookout for that email from us and be ready to play dirty.”

The best thing to do is keep an eye on your mailbox later today and hopefully a new one will magically appear and can try and “not be a dick” as suggested in today’s video.

This is problem is not uncommon with codes for beta tests, it occasionally happens when we’re given keys to dish out here on IncGamers. It’s a pain but it does happen.

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