Unbelievable Rust petition appeals to “Uncancel Rust”


Just when you’ve thought you’ve seen it all, this petition pops up.

Earlier today we reported about gamers being upset that Facepunch were creating a new game but had not finished Rust. On the back of Garry Newman’s tongue in cheek headline Adam cancelled Rust developement” a petition has actually appeared asking for Rust not to be cancelled and “Adam Woodridge must be fired”.

Now we are hoping that this is not serious because it’s so ridiculous it’s amusing, but this petition appears to be a real thing. Once again this reiterates my earlier new regarding the ridiculous comments posted around the Intertubes when Facepunch announced they were working on another game.

Here’s what the petition says…

A few days ago Adam Woodridge, a new hire at FacePunch ordered that the project be cancelled immediately. No refunds have been issued to people who bought the game in early access. Gary has even made a blog post supporting the desision by Adam.

Adam must admit that what he is doing is illegal, Gary should be standing up for the fans instead of agreeing with him. Adam wants to use Rust’s engine to make FacePunch’s new game, which is an arcade shooter where you can buy upgrades for your ship with real money. This is not the kind of games we want FacePunch and Gary to make.

Rust should be uncancelled RIGHT NOW and refunds should be given to everyone who bought it. Adam Woodridge must be fired before he can do any more damage to our game. Please Gary

Here’s a news flash. Most developers with a released game under their belt will be working on more than one game. Also a quick note to gamers who do not like reading. READ THINGS PROPERLY!

If you want a laugh check the petition.

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