Uncanny Valley Crowdfund Creeps Onto Indiegogo And Steam Greenlight

Cowardly Creations is touting a new survival horror game with a twist. Introducing Uncanny Valley.

The game goes for a stylish pixelized side-scroller instead of full 3D look, eschewing the trend of 3rd person shooters. To make the game that much creepier, your character, a security guard named Tom, has to deal with a consequence system. You don’t die everytime you mess up, but more often you’ll get punished in some way instead. For example, you might move slower, making escaping pursuers harder. In this way, Cowardly wants to avoid the pratfall of tediously repeating easy deaths.

They have opted for Indiegogo since they’re already set to make the game, and hoping fans will alleviate their pains for even just a little bit. Full funding means the game will go beyond Windows, to other platforms like Linux and mobile. You can fund them on their Indiegogo here, and vote for them on Steam Greenlight here. Check out the pitch video below.

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