Uncensored Manhunt 2 To See PC Release?

The ESRB website shows a listing for a PC release of Manhunt 2 – rated as Adults Only.Presumably, this release will differ from the version that hit consoles in America, which was rated M. You can check out the listing for yourself here; thanks go to Joystiq for spotting this.Rockstar’s ultra-violent stealth-action game was at the centre of a controversy that lasted quite some time. Over here at least the game was banned by the BBFC back in 2007 – a move applauded by ELSPA – and Rockstar went away and rejigged it before submitting it once more. The BBFC rejected it once again, but finally, in March 2008, the cut version of the game was finally approved.So we don’t really have high hopes for seeing the uncut PC version in this country, then.