Under The Waves Revealed Trailer

Gamescom Opening Night Live came with plenty of game announcements, including trailers for Everywhere and Dune: Awakening. Among the announcements was the reveal of Under the Waves, which received a minute-long reveal trailer. The single player game will take you on a unique journey underwater.

Quantic Dream is publishing the upcoming title. Quantic Dream is the company behind many other popular releases. Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, and Sea of Solitude are just a few notable examples. It’s safe to say we should expect Under the Waves to have a captivating narrative filled with secrets to uncover.


Follow a poetic underwater expedition

We are taken back to the year 1979 in an alternate reality with a techno-futuristic style. The story of Under the Waves is one that is centered around the power of grief. Stan, a professional diver, is experiencing an internal battle to overcome loss, and he will have to decide whether to stay lost in the waters or live the rest of his life on the surface. The isolating nature of being deep down in the ocean reflects Stan’s state of mind and the unusual events he will encounter.

Under the Waves‘ trailer gives us a glimpse at the wildlife and environments in the game, as well as Stan’s submarine. You can dive in and explore the waters by equipping Stan’s wetsuit. You’ll also be able to explore caves, wreckage, and various plants to uncover Stan’s memories. Along the way, collect materials in order to craft important items that will help you in your journey.

If the beautiful underwater world of Under the Waves and the trailerĀ has caught your eye, you can check it out on Steam or the Epic Games Store. It is expected to release in 2023, but make sure to stay tuned for a specific date.


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