Underlord coming to Dota 2 on 23 August

Underlord coming to Dota 2 on 23 August

I actually missed this because I’ve spent the last few days lying in bed going “ow”, but apparently Underlord/Abyssal Underlord/Pit Lord will be heading to Dota 2 in a week and a half.

He turned up in the Team Kaci/Team Slacks 10v10 showcase match at The International 2016, which you can watch here. (Thanks to Reddit for this one.) Did he win? Did he lose? I have no idea! You’ll have to watch the match to find out.

If nothing else, this will technically mark Dota 2 being “complete”; Underlord is the final hero that needed porting from Dota over to Dota 2. Now I guess Valve can get started on making some new heroes!

And now I’m going back to bed to say “ow” a bit more.

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