Unleash your evil side in Death Coming. Be the Reaper

Unleash your evil side in Death Coming. Be the Reaper

Indie developer Next Studio recently revealed their new game Death Coming in which players will be tasked to cause nasty deaths on unsuspecting NPCs.

This non-linear game tasks players to kill off characters in the game world using the environments on the levels. Targets can be killed in a variety of ways, whether it be running them over because you changed a traffic light to green, or causing a nasty falling flowerpot¬†accident. There’s going to be plenty of ways to reap some souls.

The NPCs will also react to your dastardly deeds, and should a target be missed, they NPCs will adjust their behaviour and change their routine actions. Best to make sure death is quick and accurate. The forces of good will be watching from the heavens with angels patrolling to catch players carrying out their evil acts. Strike while their backs are turned.

The art style is an excellent choice because there’s satisfaction to be had killing off cute looking pixel art characters. Death Coming is set to go into Early Access soon¬†and its dark theme is surely going to prove popular with PC gamers.


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