GoldenEye 007 remaster achievements

Recent evidence suggests a remaster of the classic James Bond tie-in could finally be on its way. Recently, activity on TrueAchievements showed a possible Rare developer has seemingly unlocked an achievement for GoldenEye 007‘s remaster. This suggests that the game is actively being tested and could be announced soon.

Of course, this news isn’t surprising if you’ve kept an eye on GoldenEye 007‘s strange history. There have been rumors circulating for years at this point regarding the existence of a remaster. And for the last few months, we’ve seen various hints at a possible release. However, we haven’t heard anything from Rare or Xbox that confirms or denies its release. That’s admittedly unsurprising when considering the legal mess surrounding the game. However, achievement activity for GoldenEye 007‘s remaster does spark intrigue.


Will we finally get a remaster of GoldenEye 007?

GoldenEye 007 is often considered one of the most influential games ever made. So you might be a bit confused as to why it never received a re-release of some kind. The problem lies with the fact that there are several rights holders at play. Microsoft, Nintendo, and MGM each own the rights to the game. This means that all parties must agree to re-release it.

Microsoft has seemingly tried to release GoldenEye 007‘s remaster in the past. In 2021, a YouTube video appeared showing off a leaked version of an alleged remaster from 2007 that was reportedly cancelled. This version of the game sported better textures and models, and a higher frame rate.

GoldenEye 007 remaster achievements

At the moment it’s difficult to say what Microsoft’s plans are for GoldenEye 007‘s remaster, even after this achievement activity. The evidence we’ve seen over the last few months points to an imminent announcement and release. However, since all involved parties are keeping silent, it’s hard to conclusively say. It’s worth mentioning that the Xbox and Bethesda showcase is on June 12. If there was ever a time to announce the remaster to be announced, that would be it. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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