Unrailed has just been announced for Steam Early Access and will be hitting the platform on Sept. 9.

In this co-op fiasco, players are tasked with building a path for a train to traverse an ever-changing world. Once players load up Unrailed, they will be given a train and tools to help keep the train moving. The thing is — the train will always move regardless of path-blocking obstacles. It’s up to your team to break through any bump in the road. Simultaneously, the team will need to gather resources to build new tracks.

The goal for each level is to reach the train station at the end, after which players are able to do a variety of things, such as upgrade their train, add wagons, change the engine, and so on. Once players are satisfied with their train modifications, they’re sent back to the previous stage and a new section of terrain is added.

With each terrain addition, players will be met with new challenges. For example, players traveling through a fiery magma level will need to pay extra attention to the pools of lava and build the appropriate type of tracks to cross over it. In addition, Unrailed will feature a dynamic weather system as well as a day-to-night cycle.

While knocking down trees and putting tracks down doesn’t seem too difficult, Unrailed is largely based on team communication. Several tools are included in the game, but each has a specific purpose (cutting trees, chipping at mountains, etc.). And there is only one of each item. Teams will have to strategize and split up the work between players, all while ensuring not to body-block each other.

Here’s a look at the release date trailer.

Bad teammates? Try versus!

If your team isn’t exactly coordinating well, there is always the option to play competitively in the 2v2 mode. In versus mode, players will battle against each other to see who can get their train to the station the fastest.

Unrailed will offer both local couch and online co-op. Currently, it is set to come out on Sept. 9 in early access, and players can wishlist the game on Steam now.

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