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You’re sure to be DOMINATING in such angular shoulder pads.

Do you still wake up at night in a cold sweat with the phrase FIRST BLOOD ringing through your shivering body? If so, the news that the Unreal Tournament series is winding up for some kind of “comeback” next week might do all kinds of weird things to your nerve endings.

The word on that, as spotted by the NeoGaf collective, comes from Epic’s Mark Rein, who declares himself “so excited for the comeback!” and says more details will be appearing next week.

But when next week? Well, according to this other tweet from Epic’s Paul Meegan “the future of Unreal Tournament” will be discussed in a live, streamed event on Thursday 8 May. 2pm Eastern is the time you’ll need to tune in (that’s, ooooh, 11am Pacific and about 7pm in the UK.)


In the same tweet, Meegan alludes to the “UE4 Dev Community,” which suggests Unreal Engine 4 might be involved in some way. That would hopefully preclude this “comeback” being related to anything to do with bloody phones, although I believe Epic has been trying to get UE4 to run on those platforms as well.

Free-to-play is another distinct option, but that doesn’t have to be a terrible thing (depending on the business model employed.)

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