Fortnite Unstable Bow Exotic Weapon

Fortnite Season 6 released an array of new weapons into the game. As if that was not enough, a crafting system was also introduced which allows you to upgrade your weapons. In terms of exotic weapons, the Grappler Gun was recently added, providing players with more advanced movement. Thankfully, these types of weapons that featured in the game back in Season 5 survived the transition to the new season. Now, a new exotic weapon has been added into the battle royale. As usual, you will have to visit the correct NPC to be able to use it in your match. The new Fortnite exotic weapon is known as the Unstable Bow, and it can be very powerful.

To get the Unstable Bow exotic weapon, you will have to pay a visit to the superhero known as Rebirth Raven. This NPC always spawns at the house to the northwest of Sweaty Sands. You may want to loot up at Sweaty Sands first and then make your way towards Rebirth Raven. This is because enemy players may also want to get a look at the weapon.


It will cost you a total of 500 gold bars to purchase the Unstable Bow. If you are running low on gold bars, there are various ways you can earn them. These include completing bounty contracts, searching tills, and more.

Fortnite Unstable Bow Exotic Weapon

Using the Unstable Bow exotic weapon in Fortnite

As the name of the weapon suggests, the Unstable Bow will shoot a random arrow type every time you use it. The arrows can be fire arrows, grenade arrows, shockwave arrows, or stink arrows. With the correct combination and a bit of luck, you could eliminate enemies or their builds within a short amount of time.

Exotic weapons such as the Unstable Bow always prove to be a hit among Fortnite fans. It will be interesting to see if any more new exotic weapons are added into the game as Season 6 progresses. For more Fortnite help, check out our guides and features hub.


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