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Several indie games were presented during Microsoft’s E3 2019 presentation. One of these was Unto the End, a 2D adventure game with a “nuanced combat system” created by a husband and wife team. The game will be available later this year as part of the Xbox Game Pass. But will release to PC sometime after.

Unto the End isn’t your standard action game fare. The developers, Stephen Danton and Sara Kitamura, affirm that their goal was to avoid any predictable convention. While the game is indeed an adventure game with combat at its core, Unto the End is a game that celebrates player skill.

“From the very start we knew we wanted a minimal art style with a side-on presentation, and gameplay that focused on player skill,” said Danton. “We also didn’t want to copy-paste an existing game model, or simply make a puzzle-platformer, roguelike, metroidvania or 2D Dark Souls.”

Unto The End E3 2019 Feat

Fight to survive

The game utilizes a combat system that leans heavily on strategy. You are equipped with melee and range weapons, both of which have a use in tactics. At range, you can whittle an opponent’s health down with a long-range weapon. However, when enemies get close, you must react and counter appropriately, or else see your adventure come to an early end.

Unto is a focused experience. It’s handcrafted and values quality over quantity. When it’s all done, we hope players enjoy its challenges and come away feeling a real sense of mastery and accomplishment.”

Unto the End will take you through many different environments. In the trailer alone, we see our protagonist fight what appears to be beast men on a snow-capped mountain. Later, he ventures into dark caves, then a grassy plain. The press release mentions that winter forests and mountain passes also await you in your adventure.

Unto the End will be available on PC sometime later this year or early next.

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