Upcoming PUBG event mode focuses on one ammo type

Upcoming PUBG event mode focuses on one ammo type

There’s a new event mode coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tonight. It’s called “Forty-Fivers,” and takes place on the Sanhok map. As its name implies, the upcoming PUBG event mode restricts the available weaponry to guns chambered with .45 ACP ammunition.

Squads of four will land on Sanhok and battle against one only P1911s, R45s, Tommy Guns, and Winchester rifles. Throwables like Molotov cocktails and grenades will still spawn, and care packages will land on the map throughout matches. Squads that loot these packages will find a boost to their firepower in the form of Vectors, a deadly .45 ACP-firing submachine gun. Packages also contain additional ammo and level-3 protective gear.

This week’s PUBG event mode runs from August 2 at 7 PM PST to August 5 at 7 PM PST. Forty-Fivers is accessible in both third-person and first-person perspectives but limited to 80-player lobbies.

Because of its unique format, PUBG Corp. has some special rules for this weekend’s event mode. According to the developer, teamkilling is disabled, as is the ever-frustrating Red Zone. Sanhok’s weather will be perpetually overcast during Forty-Fivers matches, too.

Additional information about the Forty-Fivers event is available on PUBG‘s Steam page. Start looking for those blue ammo boxes, you’re going to need them.



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