Updates to The Secret World set to be “regular, monthly”

Ragnar Tornquist, director of newly released MMO The Secret World (and something of a videogame icon), has penned a lengthy post at the game’s official forums outlining what’s coming up for subscribers. Updates, according to Tornquist, will be “regular, monthly” and begin on 31 July.

So, look forward to things like monthly mission packs (the first few of which will include new “investigations” for every adventure zone), which will be fully-voiced and “match the quality of the missions currently in the game”. You’ll also be getting brand new weapons, the first of which will be “bigger, slower” and have “more explosions” and ‘Raids’ (the first of which seems to be based around New York, but more information about that is promised in August).

Other matters on the horizon include improved character customisation, more pets, better cabal (clan) functionality, seasonal events and a dungeon finder.

With a bit of luck, there’ll be a fair few fixes for the bugs Tim ran into in his (otherwise positive)

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