Uplay 4.0 will let you play games before they finish downloading


Ubisoft have announced that Uplay 4.0 will be hitting in October, and will feature a bevy of updates and new features.

The most exciting – and, perhaps, the most useful for the average user – is probably the new download manager, which adds in auto-patching and “the progressive download of games.” If that means what I think it means, you’ll be able to play games before they finish downloading, which is always something I like to see.

If you’re annoying and have dreams of being Internet Famous, you might argue that the most exciting is the addition of Twitch.tv integration, which should make it a lot easier to broadcast videos, stream your gameplay, and save your bestest ever gaming moments for posterity. Like that one time when you killed that guy and he fell over.

And, because it’s apparently obligatory this century, there will be social features. You’ll have a social wall, where you can see what your friends are up to in games. Hurray!

Uplay 4.0 is due out this October. For free, obviously.