Upon reflection: Satellite Reign’s sneak peek tech video

Upon reflection: Satellite Reign’s sneak peek tech video

Satellite Reign - reflections tech

The Satellite Reign Kickstarter is trundling into its final 24 hours with (at the time of writing,) £427,000 GBP on the big pledge thermometer. That’s pretty damn close to the £440,000 GBP stretch goal for destructible environments which, just a couple of days ago, looked somewhat out of reach.

In the latest update video, the 5 Lives team offers a look at some fancy tech stuff in the form of some rather neat shaders. They come courtesy of Bruno Rime at Photon Workshop, and seem to do a damn fine job of creating believable, real-time reflections from neon advertising boards. Four minutes might seem like quite a while to spend on one aspect of the game’s graphics, but they really are quite lovely looking reflections.

They’re what every dystopian, cyberpunk city needs to keep the place bright and alienating.

You can watch the video to decide for yourself, below.