May 25th, 2017

US Supreme Court rules on ‘violent game’ case

As expected, the US Supreme Court has now issued its verdict in the Brown vs EMA case that would have restricted the sale of ‘violent’ videogames to anyone under 18 and would require such games to adopt a special label.
The case is a victory for the EMA with Justice Scalia ruling that “the act forbidding sale or rental of violent games to minors does not comport with the 1st Amendment.” The Ninth Circuit Court has now ruled in favor of the EMA (by a vote of 7-2), saying that the law violated the First Amendment.
This on-going case can now be put to rest and it loooks like video games will now receive First Amendment protection rights.
The full decision can be read here in pdf form (and it’s worth it for some surprisingly funny lines).
Source: Game Politics


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