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What is MIddle-Earth Shadow of War?

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is the sequel from Monolith and features an original story with the return of Talion and Celebrimbor. Players go behind enemy lines to forge an army and turn all of Mordor against the Dark Lord, Sauron.

In Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the Nemesis system has been expanded and applies to the entire world where the environments and characters are all shaped by player actions and decisions, creating a personal world unique to every gameplay experience. The new and improved Nemesis system improves the whole concept of procedurally generated content with the addition of Followers who add to the story and there’s also Nemesis Fortresses which add a personal world.

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    • samplerico

      This game is just a clusterfuck of systems, menus, ideas, features, mechanics and so on to make you grind your way through a Nemesis system, very well thought to e endless. Lots of little things wrong, because nobody can expect to put together so many features with cohesion and coherence while not taking all the fun away. I mean ther is sections where you have to send gondorians to kill enemys with the D-Pad, while your moving and trying to be sneaky…its not fucking fun, its annoying and overwhelming. The level design is inexistent, yes is pretty but makes no sense gameplay wise. Thers a ton shit of menus because you have ton shit of stats, habilitys and loads of stuff to take into consideration to make decisions if u want to succeed killing boses, and thats not bad perse, but the game doesn’t handle it well. The game sometimes is just unfair, overly punishing for things you cannot control. Bosses ambushes you randomly and lots of them can just kill you without virtually anything in your hand to stop them, but thats not the worst, because every death counts and the more your die the more they grow and get stronger. The story is just uninteresting, specially if u like the LOTR universe. Tolkien created a fantastic universe, they just shit on that and constantly make up things that directly contradicts Tolkien’s lore.

      Then you have the loot crates, and honestly is not the worst this game has, it is a shitty thing, but considering how the whol game was designed for you to grind it in order to sell shti crates the game itself is the problem. Because loot crates and microtransactions are not an individual negative feature in teh industry. The problem with that stuff is that the developers have to design the game with that shit in mind in a way to make you more apealing the idea of buying stuff, thats the problem.

      The first game was lot simpler, but a lot funnier too. This has too many things that nobody known how to put together, its confusing, overwhelming and not funny, most of the things are just Ubisoft like dots in the minimap, collectables and shit ton of stuff that nobody cares, very repetitive, meaningless, and with so many incohesive mechanics involved thats not even funny. I grinded the firs Shadow of Mordor not 100% but pretty much and apart of the horrbile FOV, SoM was definetely e better game, but more important, a funny game, with well setted mechanics in place. Deep gameplay and metagame is fine for RPG’s or MOBA’s or MMO’s but for and action adventure brainless button smashing game, its just a clusterfuck of random ideas.


      I Give this game a 7/10, because i apreciate the art and the work of developers. But, is just an aimless mediocre game.

      • Lazerbeak

        I think im only enjoying playing it because of the mechanics, like playing a fruit machine, the story is a joke, real fans will hate it with passion, ive started skipping the cgi to avoid having my head filled with conflicting rubbish

        • samplerico

          Yeah, fruit machine is exactly waht this game is. The “cling, cling” is satisfying but the trick doesn’t last long. Reward and Progresion vanishes fast form this game because it is designed to be an endless grind.