V Rising: How to get Sulfur and Explosives for the Bandit Stronghold

V Rising Explosives Sulfur Clive The Firestarter

While exploring Farbane Woods in V Rising, you’ll probably come across a massive fortified area. Any attempt to enter it would be useless since you still need a particular item. Here’s our V Rising guide to help you get Sulfur and Explosives to destroy the gates of the Bandit Stronghold.

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V Rising guide: How to get Sulfur and Explosives for the Bandit Stronghold

Chances are, you already know how to refine Copper using the Furnace. That’s the same workbench that you’ll need for Sulfur. However, you do need to discover the recipe first.

To acquire the Sulfur recipe in V Rising, you’ll need to take out Clive the Firestarter.  Upon tracking this level 30 boss using the Blood Altar, you’ll find him in the Bandit Sulfur Quarry in the western portion of Farbane Woods.

Vr Vamp Mats Slf Explo 1

Clive the Firestarter has the following abilities:

  • Cluster Bombs – He’ll throw a single bomb which will eventually explode into multiple clusters.
  • Mega Bomb – A larger circle will appear on the ground, causing a massive explosion after a few seconds.

The area is crawling with ranged mobs (i.e., archers and bombers). Worse, Clive is also very fast. Trying to catch him with melee swings might be tough, especially when he’s making everything around you go boom. As such, I suggest using the Hunter’s Crossbow or the Merciless variant if you’ve discovered the tech blueprint already. Shoot him when he’s about to do the Cluster Bomb animation, as he’ll quickly dodge-roll to avoid the projectile.

V Rising Explosives Sulfur Clive The Firestarter 1

In any case, feeding on Clive nets you the Veil of Chaos ability. This is a dash move that provides bonus melee damage on your next swing, while also spawning illusions that will explode after a short while.

Likewise, the area should be clear of hostiles, so you can mine those Sulfur deposits. Try to bring a lot with you back to your base.

Vr Vamp Mats Slf Explo 2

Beating Clive unlocks the Alchemy Table blueprint (i.e., 100x Blood Essence, 16x Plank, and 12x Sulfur).

If you need more Sulfur, go ahead and interact with the Furnace. Place all the Sulfur Ore that you have (you’ll need 20x Sulfur Ore for 1x Sulfur item).

V Rising Explosives Sulfur Clive The Firestarter 2a

Next, interact with the Alchemy Table that you’ve just constructed. You should now be able to craft the Minor Explosive Box (8x Sulfur, 8x Plank, and 4x Whetstone).

This entire process is how you obtain Explosives in V Rising. With your new tools, you’ll be able to destroy the obstacles blocking the way into the Bandit Stronghold.

V Rising Explosives Sulfur Clive The Firestarter 2b

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