V Rising: How to get the Hunter’s Crossbow ranged weapon

V Rising Hunter's Crossbow Ranged Weapon Rufus The Foreman

Most of the time in V Rising, you’ll be using your vampiric spells or melee weapons to get the job done. Still, there’s a way for you to obtain a ranged weapon early on. Here’s our V Rising guide to help you get the Hunter’s Crossbow from a boss named Rufus the Foreman.

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V Rising guide: How to get the Hunter’s Crossbow ranged weapon from Rufus the Foreman

To get the Hunter’s Crossbow in V Rising, interact with the Blood Altar and Rufus the Foreman. You should equip items that will bring you up to 20 gear score or higher to see him on the list. Once activated, follow the blood-red trail until you reach the Bandit Logging Camp in the central section of Farbane Woods.

Vr Vamp Wep Crsb Rng Rfs 1

Once you’ve reached the Bandit Logging Camp, eliminate the mobs as you see fit until you spot Rufus the Foreman. He has the following abilities:

  • Crossbow Shot – Rufus will fire a piercing arrow in your direction.
  • Trapper’s Net – The boss will throw a net that will immobilize you.
  • Multi-Shot – Once below 50% HP, the boss will shoot up to five arrows in succession.

Rufus will also summon additional archer mobs periodically. You’ll have to deal with them, as well as other hostiles that might be nearby once you start the encounter. As usual, Blood Rite is a great spell to have since it can block damage, restore your HP, and blast foes with an AoE shockwave.

V Rising Hunter's Crossbow Ranged Weapon Rufus The Foreman 1

With Rufus the Foreman defeated, you can feed on him to acquire the Blood Rage ability. It shields you and your allies for 110% of your spell power, while also increasing your attack speed. Likewise, Rufus’ defeat nets you the Woodworking Bench blueprint (i.e., 12x Plank and 60x Animal Hide). Go ahead and build it in your base.

Early on, the Woodworking Bench lets you craft the Painting Frame, Sculptured Wood, and Fishing Pole. And, of course, there’s the Hunter’s Crossbow weapon (i.e., 12x Plank and 6x Leather).

The Hunter’s Crossbow ranged weapon in V Rising deals fairly decent damage at a distance, and it also doesn’t need ammo. The only downside is that your character spends a second when trying to reload the weapon, which can be a hassle when you’re surrounded by multiple mobs.

V Rising Hunter's Crossbow Ranged Weapon Rufus The Foreman 2

V Rising is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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