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So far, developer Stunlock Studios’ open-world vampire survival game V Rising has seen a surprising degree of success, as it has already exceeded two million sales and received a warm reception from players. Of course, being an Early Access gameV Rising still has a few rough edges and balancing issues that need ironing out. Luckily, the developer has fully dedicated itself to putting out regular updates that address feedback from fans. The newest patch for V Rising implements everything from balance adjustments to bug fixes to new features outright, including a nerf to mounted melee damage.

According to the patch notes on Steam, one of the new features included in the update comes in the form of a quality-of-life improvement to castle building. Now, players can freely remove floors and borders located near walls and pillars without needing to take down the wall or pillar beforehand. Note that players can only do this if removing the floor or border piece “does not leave any wall/pillar without a floor connection.” Additionally, the update implements localization options for Japanese, Italian, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, and Polish, so more players from across the world can enjoy the game.


Mounted horseback melee gets a little dulled

The patch implements a whole host of balance changes. But, arguably, one of the most significant ones nerfs the melee damage dealt when mounted on a horse by 30% in V Rising. This substantial damage nerf suggests that mounted melee damage was wildly overtuned before the latest patch, so hopefully, players will find this aspect of PvP less frustrating.

Balancing updates tend to come off as rather devising for players, and judging by the user comments for the patch notes, this new V Rising update serves as no exception. Fortunately, the frequency of these patches means that Stunlock has a high chance of addressing any potentially unpopular decisions that may arise from this specific update.

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