V Rising: How to control humans and get servants with the Servant Coffin

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Given that you’re playing as a vampire in V Rising, you might be wondering how to use your powers of charm and persuasion. Fear not, because you should be able to do just that by following a few tasks. Here’s our V Rising guide to help you control humans so you can turn them into servants with the Servant Coffin.

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V Rising guide: How to control humans and turn them using the Servant Coffin

Before you can control humans with the Servant Coffin in V Rising, you’ll first need to acquire Greater Blood Essence. We discuss that in our Unsullied Heart/Greater Blood Essence guide.

As for the Servant Coffin itself, you’ll find the blueprint in the Production – Dominance tab. It requires 16x Plank, 8x Copper Ingot, and 1x Greater Blood Essence.

Vr Vamp Srv Cff Cnt 1

After constructing the object, interact with it to gain a power called Dominating Presence. This is akin to a shapeshift/change state ability (i.e., Wolf Form, Bat Form, and the like). As such, it’s activated by holding the Control key and mousing over the option. While active, it will prevent you from using normal spells. But, you do gain seductive abilities, such as Kiss of the Vampire.

Kiss of the Vampire is a channeled spell (which means you can still take damage while it’s being cast) that can only affect human enemies. Fight a target normally and, once your opponent is below 30% HP, switch to Dominating Presence and cast Kiss of the Vampire.

When the channeling spell is done, the human foe will be charmed (i.e., denoted by a purple haze over its head). While enthralled, it will continue to follow you, but it can still get attacked by enemies. You technically have to babysit it until you get back to your base.

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Anyway, once you can interact with the Servant Coffin again, you’ll notice the following stat boosts (the perks are different depending on the mob):

  • Enemy mob type – For example, the Brute type reduces the difficulty by 100 when hunting in harsh environments.
  • Enemy faction – For instance, the Farbane Hunters faction increases the loot obtained from hunts in Farbane Woods by 20%.
  • Blood Quality – Boosts power depending on equipment.

If you’re happy with what you’ve got, go ahead and start the process. You’ll need to spend 100x Blood Essence and wait around one and a half hours in real-time. When that’s done, you’ll have a new servant or thrall in V Rising, and you can send it out on hunts.

Note 1: If you decide to change your mind with your thrall, you can click on the “Terminate” button which would kill your would-be buddy.

Note 2: Similar to crafting workbenches, you have to be online/in the game for this process to get completed. Likewise, you’ll need to ensure that the Castle Heart remains powered via Blood Essences. Lastly, I suggest checking the Blood Altar so you can track more bosses and gain abilities. Alternatively, you can have your character sleep in a coffin while waiting.

V Rising Servants Servant Coffin Control Humans Dominating Presence 2

V Rising is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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