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V Rising: How to start a solo game or your own server

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In V Rising, you play as a vampire out to reclaim lost glories. But, before you can begin your cursed journey in the land of Vardoran, you’ll still need to configure your server. Here’s our V Rising guide to help you start a solo game or set up your own multiplayer server.

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Note: For more information, check out our V Rising guides and features hub.


V Rising guide: How to start a solo game or your own server

Online Play

When you hit “Play” on the main menu, you’ll see the server choices for V Rising (as shown in our guide’s featured image). The most straightforward way is by clicking “Online Play” and selecting the type of server you want to join. Here’s the gist:

  • PvE – You’ll only need to worry about fighting AI-controlled monsters.
  • PvP – At certain stages, you’ll be allowed to attack other players and raid their castles for loot. Of course, the same thing can happen to you.
  • Full Loot PvP – This is a more hectic variant of the regular PvP server, as you’ll drop all your items upon death.
  • Duo PvP – Similar to PvP, though you’re expected to team up with a buddy as you take on all challenges.

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Depending on the server you selected, you’ll see a list of games that you can join. You may also click on “Display All Servers and Settings” to show the realms that are available.

The info includes the maximum clan size (i.e., guilds) and players, as well as the rulesets governing regular play (more on these later). Some hosts will also note the region or country (i.e., PH for Philippines, SEA for Southeast Asia, CN for China, US for the United States, and so on). The color of the server type, meanwhile, determines connection latency. Lastly, a skull icon implies that the host’s settings are slightly more advanced.

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Private Game and Solo Play

Clicking on “Private Game,” meanwhile, shows you what you can tweak for your own world (i.e., PvE or PvP realm, clan size, and the number of concurrent players). You are, essentially, the host, and others may join you if they see your server listed in the lobby. Likewise, you can add a password so that only those who know it are allowed to join.

However, if you do wish to play solo in V Rising, all you need to do is tick “Only Solo Play.” This prevents other peeps from joining your realm, and you’re going to be out there on your own.

Note: Even if you’re playing V Rising solo, the game is still considered online. Still, a purely offline mode is expected to be added soon.

Vrs Vamp Sr Gd 1a

Server Settings

Additionally, you might have noticed a small button for the “Advanced Game Settings.” If you check this, you’ll see all the possible options that can be changed prior to hosting. The default settings have you starting from scratch.

However, many of these modifiers can be toggled or scaled up considerably. For instance, you can increase the rate/multiplier of loot drops, item durability, crafting, health, physical damage, spell power, and so on. It’s also possible to boost your starting equipment and resources, especially if you want to feel overpowered from the get-go. Lastly, you can change the length of daytime, ensuring that you can explore with ease while the sun isn’t up yet.

Vrs Vamp Sr Gd 2

Host Dedicated Server

The last option from the earlier menu lets you set up a dedicated server in V Rising. If you want to host a dedicated server on your machine, you can follow the instructions on V Rising‘s Github page. Alternatively, renting a server takes you to the G Portal page. The costs are different depending on the duration and available slots.

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V Rising is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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