Valheim Mistlands Animated Release Trailer Update Magic Biome

After waiting months for a significant content update, Valheim fans are feasting this week. Developer Iron Gate’s Valheim: Mistlands DLC is out now, bringing a new biome and magic abilities to the fray. And thankfully, that’s not all. There are of course new enemies to fight and flee from, as well as actual NPCs scouring the Norse-based landscape.

Valheim: Mistlands sets out to offer longtime fans a ton of new content to enjoy. The titular Mistlands is a new, misty biome where adventures and foes are shrouded in a creepy fog. Within, you may find the new black marble resource, a building material “reminiscent of ancient dwarven ruins.” The Mistlands DLC also introduces the dvergr allies, a friendly faction. It’s nice to know that you no longer have to chat with the shopkeeper. You still can, of course. He’s a nice guy.

There are new dangers lurking, but Mistlands brings more ways to defend yourself and your keep. The Arbalest is a heavy crossbow that features high damage and knockback potential. There are nine new weapons in all, and they can be paired with two new armor sets. You can also craft “contraptions” to defend your base from attack. On top of new tools, Mistlands includes a new magic system where you harvest mystical essence to conjure fire, ice, and more using staffs.

Valheim Mistlands Animated Release Trailer Update Magic Biome Spells

Valheim: Mistlands is out and ready to kill you all over again

So far, Mistlands is looking rather intriguing. If you haven’t played Valheim in a while, the new additions may pull you back into its dangerous world. But it has been a while for many who count themselves among the early adopters. And with a new biome update, that means you and up to three buddies will (and should) start a new server before venturing out. Best of luck out there. To celebrate the launch, Iron Gate also shared an animated release trailer. You can check that out at the bottom of this post.

“We’re excited to finally see all our players venture into Mistlands,” said Henrik Törnqvist, co-founder of Iron Gate Studio, in a press release. “Mistlands has been a labour of love and the team poured every ounce of their creativity into its atmosphere, feel and gameplay, and we can’t wait to see players take on a new challenge as we set our sights on Ashlands and the Deep North next.”

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