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Some things on Steam will never change. There will always be sales, trading cards will always be useless, and survival crafting games will always be a thing. The latest title in that genre to distinguish itself is Valheim, which, despite being in early access, has attracted a massive player base. The self-described “brutal exploration and survival game” has a massive player count, peaking at over 170,000 over the last day. However, as an early access game, Valheim needs a lot of patches, and its latest provides some much-needed changes, including nerfs to deathsquitos.

Announced today, the 0.143.5 patch for Valheim is admittedly a pretty small one. Mostly, it removes some exploits from the game, including a teleport ore chest hack and a resource duping bug. Sneaking in the game has also been tweaked, and enemies now have an awareness indicator. Besides those gameplay changes, the game has received some stability fixes as well. A fix has been applied to ragdoll destruction and improvements have been made to world and character saves.


Stomping out bugs

While all the other fixes in this small patch are more than welcome, there’s one that players are sure to celebrate. Valheim‘s insufferable deathsquitos have received a much-needed nerf. For those that haven’t encountered them yet, deathsquitos are exactly what you’d imagine. They’re large mosquito-like creatures that can kill your character. However, you’d be surprised by just how deadly they are. Valheim has a ton of enemies, but this one is essentially the bane of early-game players.

Deathsquitos only spawn in Valheim‘s plains biome and make a buzzing sound when they’re close to the player. A single hit from one of these buggers can deal 60 or more damage, leading to a quick death for any unprepared player. Despite that, they have very low HP, making the buzzing nuisances little glass-cannons. The latest patch for Valheim doesn’t specify how much of a nerf deathsquitos have received, but it’s sure to be a relief to some players.

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