Valheim patch adds Frost Caves and deploys performance improvements

Valheim Patch Frost Caves

Valheim updates never fail to disappoint with the debut of fresh content. The latest Valheim patch is here, and so are Frost Caves packed with loot. At the same time, some improvements have been made by squashing bugs and improving performance.

The Valheim patch has rolled out some new content. This comes in the form of Frost Caves which have been added as a new dungeon. As you embark on your new adventure you will encounter new enemies, the Ulv, Cultist, and Bat. You can fight them off with the new Flesh Rippers weapon. In addition, there are new crafting materials with the launch of red jute, Fenring hair and Fenring claw. As a result, new building pieces are here with red jute carpets, curtains, and a standing brazier. Last but not least, the new armor set consisting of a Fenris coat, leggings and hood which will grant you an extra bonus if you wear all of them at once.


Various fixes and quality of life improvements have been made to Valheim. The menu framerate has been capped to 60, while an fps limiter and option to reduce GPU usage can be applied when minimized. Crafting stackable items is now possible while your inventory is full — if there are available stack slots. Moreover, another fix has been implemented where stackable items could not be picked up when selecting “Take All” in a chest.

Explore Valheim‘s Frost Caves using a controller

Another big development is that Valheim now has full controller support, and more. The Steam Deck controller layout will show when playing on Steam Deck. Default settings will also be loaded to the Steam Deck. There are alternative controller glyph style options, you can scroll the skills window and even cancel crafting with your controller.

Th Frost Caves patch will take its player base on a new Valheim adventure, and the improvements aim to make this a smoother experience.

Valheim Patch Frost Caves

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