Valheim Patch Jack O Turnip Fixes Stamina Drain Halloween

Valheim‘s anticipated Hearth & Home update finally touched down around two weeks ago. Naturally, the developers at Iron Gate AB are still busy with tweaks to get it just right. However, that doesn’t mean the team can’t spend just a little bit of time to get into the festive spirit. The latest Valheim patch will not only reduce stamina drain with melee weapons, but it comes with a Jack-o’-turnip you can craft to get into the Halloween mood. Actually, now that I think about it, what do you think the name of the holiday is in the world of Valheim? And why are there turnips big enough to carve out? Mysteries on mysteries.

The Jack-o’-turnip does add some fun Halloween shenanigans with today’s Valheim patch, but it probably isn’t the draw. Probably. Mostly, the Valheim patch brings some needed changes to stamina drain and food stats. Hearth & Home altered the way health and stamina worked, as well as how food affected both. The new patch reduces the stamina drain when you swing melee weapons. Iron Gate also changed “some food stats based on effort to craft.” Those foodstuffs include blood pudding (gross), bread, deer stew, and wolf jerky. When destroyed, ovens and the cooking station will drop food items.


The patch doesn’t clarify what all the fixes change, however. For example, it brings “tweaks” to items like the Blackmetal axe and Bronze spear. There are also more tweaks with the difficulty scale based on player count.

Valheim Hearth & Home patch jack-o-turnip Halloween stamina fixes melee weapons

Parry this, you casual

Today’s patch brings even more. Knives are more durable, frost damage slowdown has been fixed, and creatures that spawn at night will disappear faster at sunrise. Iron Gate also brought back a fun, little combat oddity. Parrying ranged attacks will cause the caster to stagger, which is something the developer says is “illogical but fun.” Yes, please don’t patch out the fun — though I suppose the Jack-o’turnip would add to the fun in Valheim, if you’re into it.

The patch notes are available on the Valheim Steam page.

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