Valorant Act 2 Adding New Battle Pass, Skins, & Free For All Deathmatch (2)

Riot Games’ Valorant is about to get a little more hectic, as a new character joins the roster. With the introduction of Valorant Act 2 comes the turret-toting Killjoy. However, that is not all players can look forward to for the shooter. This August 4 will also see a fresh new battle pass, a whole new set of cosmetics, and a brand new deathmatch mode be added to Valorant.

As per previous battle pass, you can spend 1,000 Valorant points to join up. That will then grant you potential access to a ton of goodies. This will include the new Glitchpop line of skins that are suitably colorful. Expect to see bright and vibrant colors mixed in with a dash of holographic goodness. These new looks will come for the Frenzy pistol, the Odin machinegun, the Bulldog rifle, Judge shotgun, and melee weapons.

Goodies galore

This new battle pass for Valorant Act 2 will also see new gun buddies that are adorable trinkets to add to your favorite weapons. New sprays, player titles, player card artwork, and Radianite points are all up for grabs. The latter is what you can spend on individual weapons to unlock more skins and visual enhancements.

All of these cosmetic additions will serve you well in Valorant Act 2’s latest mode, the Free-for-all Deathmatch. This new mode will launch on August 5. The 10-player free-for-all “gives dedicated gunslingers a chance to test their flicks,” as Riot puts it. Not only are hero abilities removed, but money is also infinite. Therefore, anyone can pick any weapon they choose. All you have to do is reach 30 kills to claim victory, or get as many as possible in the six minutes.

Those worried about spawn camping can rest easy; there will also be an eight-second invulnerability window upon spawning. Riot is also trying to balance the playing field by making spawns happen outside the vicinity of enemy players. Even better yet, there are UAV scans that reveal player locations every five seconds, so campers will get caught out.

Valorant Act 2 Adding New Battle Pass, Skins, & Free For All Deathmatch (1)

Valorant Act 2 is packing plenty of content alongside the new addition of Killjoy. This will likely change up the meta of the shooter, especially so for the new game mode. If all things fail, at least you will look good doing it.

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