Valorant Partners With Aim Lab

From a stumbling bean outfit in Fall Guys to high-precision training in Valorant, Aim Lab is really putting its name out there at the moment. The latest move for the accuracy trainer is to partner with Valorant Challengers North America, which begins this weekend. Valorant is a far better fit for Aim Lab than Fall Guys, and a partnership between the two can only be good for the competitive scene of Riot’s hero-based shooter.

The main benefit of this collaboration is that Aim Lab will create specialized training programs for Valorant players. These will help you hone your skills and take your game to higher levels. However, that’s not the only benefit. Players who use Aim Lab to train will also be able to earn in-game rewards for completing programs and hitting certain milestones.


Study your gameplay in the lab

Aim Lab will draw on the Valorant API to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your gameplay. You will then be able to develop a personalized training system to help you improve. There are numerous different programs that can help you develop skills like flicking, peeking, and holding angles.

Valorant Profile In Aim Lab

Another exciting feature Valorant players can take advantage of in Aim Lab is the Creator Studio. This allows individuals and communities to build scenarios relevant to a specific situation in-game. You can use the Creator Studio to practice very specific plays in a simulated section of a Valorant map.

Aim Lab isn’t the only thing helping to improve Valorant gameplay. The tactical shooter’s anti-cheat team has been working hard to combat everyone’s least favorite type of player. In the latest blog post about Vanguard, the team declares the fight against cheaters to be its main priority during Episode 2.

Aim Lab Creator Studio

Valorant’s Haven A-Site recreated in Aim Lab.

There are a bunch of new measures that will soon be implemented to combat cheating. These include meta-game system updates, a 90 day penalty for players who queue with cheaters to climb the ranks, as well as forced recalibration of rank. If you’d like to read more details about the updates to the Valorant anti-cheat, you can check them out here.

In the spirit of competitive integrity and general enjoyment of the game, Riot Games is also looking into banning players with chat and voice restrictions from queuing for ranked matches. According to a developer at Riot Games, this should be implemented into Valorant within the next two or three patches.

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