Valorant Episode 2 Yoru
In just a few days, Valorant Episode 2 Act I will get underway. January 12 is the day, and there’s a lot to get excited about. The new Episode adds the fourteenth agent to the tactical shooter, Yoru. Thanks to a leak from a Russian video, we’ve already had a glimpse of what the stealthy agent can do. Episode 2 also brings a new Battlepass, packed with cosmetics for players to unlock. We’ve got a sneak peek of some of the skins for you to check out.

Speaking of skins. A new bundle will also be arriving in the store on January 12. It’s packed with some of the best skins from Episode 1. If you missed them the first time around, now’s your chance to get your hands on them. More accurately, to get them on your guns.


Agent Yoru

Yoru is an infiltrating Duelist. He uses an array of movement, stealth, and misdirecting skills to fake out the enemy so that he can reposition himself. Playing Yoru will require you to lurk around the map, sow chaos among your opponents, and rack up frags.

Valorant Yoru Ultimate Ability

Yoru dons his mask for his Ultimate Ability.

His first ability is Fakeout, and it allows him to mimic footstep audio. You can send it out in front of you or place it to active later. With audio being such a massive aspect of Valorant gameplay, this ability is going to be very powerful. Yoru’s second ability is called Gatecrash. It lets him send out or place a tether, which he can activate to teleport to. Blindside is Yoru’s Signature Ability. It’s a flash that activates when it hits any hard surface in game. Yoru’s Ultimate Ability is Dimensional Drift. When he equips it, he can see between dimensions. Activating his Ultimate will cause Yoru to drift into the other dimension. Essentially, it makes you invisible and invulnerable to enemies.

Valorant Episode 2 Battlepass details

As with all previous Valorant Battlepasses, the new one will set you back 1,000 VP. It includes 12 skins for guns, one melee skin, as well as a collection of gun buddies, cards, sprays, and titles. One of the gun skin lines also has three sets of variants. The Battlepass will be available on January 12 and will run until March 1.

The three weapon skin lines available in the pass are Aerosol, Infinity, and Outpost. Aerosol is covered in graffiti for that rebellious punk look. Outpost is a slick, but slightly scuffed paint job. The skin line has a biohazard theme and includes the Battlepass’s melee skin. As for the Infinity skin line, it’s a minimalist look with a retro sci-fi feel. It’s also the skin line that offers players color variations for Radianite.

Second chance

The Run It Back Bundle coming to the store at the beginning of Episode 2 has five fan-favorite skins from the first Episode. They are the Sovereign Ghost, Oni Phantom, Prime Spectre, Nebula Ares, and Spline Operator.

Valorant Spline Collection

You can see the Spline Operator in its full glory at the center of this image.

You can pick up the entire bundle for 5,946 VP, which gives you a discount of 33% on the price of the individual weapon skins. The Oni Phantom and Spline Operator are two of the most standout and gorgeous looking skins in Valorant.

Make sure you check back with us in a couple of days. We’ve got some more Valorant Episode 2 details to reveal. These are about some changes coming to Ranked Matchmaking and other quality-of-life updates based on player feedback. In the meantime, you can get some games in. Valorant is free to play.

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