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Valorant Episode 3 Act I was supposed to be in its final weeks. However, Riot Games has just announced it is not happy with the current state of the next Act. So, the company decided to delay Valorant Episode 3 Act II by two weeks.

This is good news for players who are still trying to climb to their desired ranks. Or for players who are still trying to make their way through Act I’s battle pass. Those eager to get sucked into the new content and reach a new rank will need to wait until around September 8.


Competitive Act I will now end on September 7, and the two additional weeks will include more daily and weekly missions to help you earn points for your battle pass.

The Valorant team made the announcement that Episode 3 Act II would be delayed on the hero-based tactical shooter’s Twitter account. The reason given for the delay is that the team ran into some issues getting the quality of the new Act to the level that fans deserve. I would much rather wait longer for quality than have developers ship subpar content. Remember Cyberpunk 2077, anyone?

Know your patches

Although the next Act has been delayed, Valorant patch 3.03 just dropped. It made some changes that you need to be aware of to stay on top of your game. Viper’s Ultimate will once again emit from her position. According to Riot, the change that allowed her to cast it at her reticle was a bug.

There were two minor gameplay changes that I love. You can now press your ‘Use’ key to detach from ziplines. Plus, you can now shoot Radianite boxes from any angle with the right weapon type. The final major change of the patch is a quality of life one for those who like to change their crosshairs. You can now create and save crosshair profiles, and there are also some additional crosshair optimization options.

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