Valorant Episode 4 Act Ii Look Ahead

Valorant dev diary confirms Episode 4 Act II will not get a new agent or map

Balance first, then new content.
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In the latest Valorant dev diary, Executive Producer Anna Donlon takes a look back at the hero-based shooter’s last year and reveals some details about the next big update, Episode 4 Act II. It sounds like Riot Games has a lot planned for Valorant over the next year. However, before we get more agents and maps, the developer wants to solidify the foundation of the game.

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While 2021 was a year of madness for many, it was excellent for Valorant. The tactical shooter went from strength to strength. It released a unique new map in the form of Facture, as well as a few new agents. The latest agent, Neon, has only just dropped in to blow the meta open with her speed.


Instead of continuing to ride that content wave and deliver instant gratification, Riot is going to take some time to improve elements that will secure the future of the game. Essentially, it wants to make Valorant more enjoyable to play. That includes balancing agents, tweaking maps, improving the ranked experience, and fostering a non-toxic environment.

That’s not to say that Riot isn’t constantly working on those things in the background. It is. And doing a fine job, if you ask me. But instead of making adjustments as it goes, the Valorant team is now going to actively seek to harmonize what’s already in the game. According to Donlon, the Valorant team also plans to communicate a lot about the changes in the works. Yoru mains will be watching closely for more updates to the Japanese agent.

New in Valorant Episode 4 Act II

If you were worried that Episode 4 Act II will have no new cosmetics for you to purchase and earn, fear not. Riot will still release new skins throughout the Act. There will also be the game’s first-ever community battle pass, but Donlon didn’t share any details as to what that is exactly.

She wrapped up the Valorant Episode 4 Act II look ahead by assuring players that Act III will include a new agent. She also mentioned an in-game, team-based tournament system coming sometime during 2022, which is very exciting for players looking to get more competitive.

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