Valorant Outpost And Infinity Weapon Skins

Valorant Episode 2 Act III introduced a new map, Breeze, to the hero-based shooter. But now, the Valorant Twitter account is posting videos that indicate a new game mode called Replication is on the way. These posts reveal no details about the coming mode. However, based on the clips released so far, they do suggest that players will have unlimited use of their abilities.

For a game that is focused on gunplay, Replication seems like a very odd choice. And, honestly, it could be terrible to play. Just look at the clip below of Skye’s Guiding Light permanently blinding the player. It makes me wonder if Replication is some kind of marketing tactic and not a real new game mode coming to Valorant.


Riot Games has added a range of game modes to Valorant since it launched. After the initial Unrated and Ranked modes, players were given a shortened version of the game called Spike Rush. Riot also uses this mode to test potential agent abilities.

Next came Death Match, a classic game mode for players to warm up in. The latest mode, Escalation, is a good way to learn new agents and their abilities. But it begs the question: what is the point of Replication?

What could Valorant’s Replication game mode be?

The clip above doesn’t look fun. And that’s just one agent with a blind. What if there are multiple? You won’t be able to play the game. Sage could permanently wall off multiple corridors. Killjoy could place a thousand turrets. There are tons of characters who can create damaging areas on the ground. You could prevent characters from walking anywhere on the map. And, while the video of Brimstone using his Sky Smokes does look better, it still doesn’t look enjoyable.

With the sheer number of abilities that would be completely broken in Replication, I am hoping the mode isn’t what we think it is. Hopefully, Riot is intentionally misleading us and Replication will turn out to be something like the Overwatch Workshop, where players can get creative with abilities to try to create new, unique game modes.

Alternatively, the objective could be something other than planting and defusing the Spike. A survival mode? Both Brimstone and Skye are trying to remain unseen in the video clips. I guess we’ll find out soon.

Logan Broadley
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