Valorant Defenders Defuse The Spike

Since the substantial patch that kicked off Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 and added KAY/O to the hero-based tactical shooter, there haven’t been any major adjustments to abilities or gameplay. While patch 3.03 doesn’t come with big character changes, it does have a couple of notable map changes, some updates to crosshairs, and a bug fix to Viper that will make players who like the agent sad.

Let’s start with the troublesome Viper. Since Valorant was released, Riot Games has struggled to bring the character into balance. She was consistently too weak. Now, she’s a little too strong. And she’s the main culprit for the incredibly annoying post-plant meta.


In patch 3.01, Viper was given the ability to cast her Ultimate, Viper’s Pit, at her placement reticle. Previously, it would spread out from her character position. Riot has now revealed that this buff was actually an unintended bug. The developer believes Viper’s team should be required to secure a position before the Radiant can spread her Viper’s Pit effectively. So, from patch 3.03, Viper’s Ultimate will once again spread from her location.

Aim and fire

Valorant players who would like additional customization options for their crosshairs are going to be very happy with patch 3.03. You will now be able to activate “Use Advanced Options” to further adjust your crosshair and sniper scope center dot. Additionally, you can use your primary crosshair for shotguns. You will also be able to save your crosshair settings and switch between multiple saved profiles. This might be the best thing about the latest patch.

valorant Icebox Ziplines

As for the map updates, there are two minor changes that will have major effects. You can now detach from zip lines with the “Use” key, which makes me so happy. Plus, Radianite crates can now be penetrated with the appropriate weapons from all angles. Before, they had bizarre hitboxes that blocked some shots from some angles in random places on the box. It was very inconsistent, so this is another welcome change.

Riot also mentions in the Valorant 3.03 patch notes that the changes to Yoru that were intended for patch 3.02 have been indefinitely delayed. The developer doesn’t have the resources it requires to complete the work on the Japanese agent.

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