Riot Games Valorant Has More To Share Tomorrow At Summer Game Fest (1)

The Valorant closed beta has come to an end, with Riot Games taking the tactical first-person shooter offline for a few days as it prepares for the full launch on June 2. The beta broke records, and players around the globe are excited to return or get their first taste of the flavorful hero shooter in a few days. To celebrate the launch, the Valorant team will host a global Twitch Rivals tournament with a $200,000 prize pool.

The tournament is part of the Summer Games Fest on Twitch. You will be able to watch it on the new twitchgaming channel. Thus far, we’ve seen no mention of Valorant drops during the event. Still, based on how heavily involved Twitch was in the closed beta, you may want to link your Riot account to the streaming platform just to be safe.

Closing off the beta

According to Riot, the Valorant closed beta achieved what it wanted. It believes the game has improved enough to launch to the rest of the globe. Of course, the game still has some teething issues. Players don’t always get the best frame rates, and hit registration has been a bit off recently. Plus, there’s the ongoing debate about the contentious Vanguard anti-cheat – the stats you’re about to see suggest it is working, though. But even with those issues, millions of players have enjoyed Valorant and its streams on Twitch.

As a nod to the work of its developers and a thank you to the closed beta players, the Valorant team has released some stats about the closed beta in the form of infographics. You can check them out below.

The communication from the Valorant team has been excellent throughout the beta. Information like these stats only further strengthens the bond between developer and community. A $200,000 Valorant Twitch Rivals event doesn’t hurt either.

When Valorant launches on June 2, it will be free-to-play for many more players. However, the launch still won’t include all regions around the globe just yet. With the current global climate, rolling out servers and improving the Riot Direct network has been slower than expected. However, if your region is included, all you need to do to play is create a Riot account and download the game when it’s available.

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