Steam Dev Days

In VR, this logo would BLOW YOUR MIND. Probably.

As part of the Steam Dev Days event on 15-16 January, Valve will be hosting a pair of sessions relating to Virtual Reality. One of the talks, titled “What VR Could, Should, and Almost Certainly Will Be within Two Years” will discuss a Valve-developed prototype VR headset and prove that “affordable” VR is “capable of stunning experiences.”

After the talk, a few attendees will be selected at random to give the prototype a try. Hopefully that won’t make them too ill.

A second topic, called “Virtual Reality and Steam” will be having a look at what Valve is doing to support VR in Steam. Kind of self-explanatory, really. Specifically though, it states that the talk will include “a discussion of the Steam Overlay in VR, Steam store changes for VR, and our VR plan for Steamworks.”

So, there we have it. Further technological dabbling going on at Valve and what may (eventually) turn out to be a competitor to the Oculus Rift device. Unless VR turns out to be a massive fad again, in which case we can look back at this period in a couple of years time and have a good chuckle. Alternatively, we’ll all be living full-time in a Holodeck.

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