Valve has hinted at the content to come in future Team Fortress 2 patches.In an interview on CommunityFortress, Valve’s Robin Walker confirmed that the Engineer class update – the final class update remaining – will not be the last content patch that Team Fortress 2 will receive.“We’ve got multiple updates in the works still, at least one of which will land before the Engineer pack,” said Walker. “As always, we haven’t planned too much out beyond that point, because we want to see what feedback we get from the community.”So what’s next for these patches? According to Walker the drop rates are under scrutiny, Left 4 Dead 2’s lobby system could well see implementation into Team Fortress 2, item trading will make an appearance, and yet more opportunities for custom content.The most recent Team Fortress 2 update was the WAR update, which saw Soldiers and Demomen competing for kills in order to gain access to a rather nifty piece of equipment – the Gunboats.

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