July 21st, 2017

Valve hints at Legion Commander coming in Dota 2’s Frostivus update

dota 2 frostivus commander
Also, if you squint and tilt your head a little, it looks like it says “Half-Life 3 coming 2014.”

There are a few indications in the latest Dota 2 Frostivus tease that the holiday update might add Legion Commander.

Yesterday’s story about Skeleton King’s (almost certainly temporary) removal referenced this page, displaying a large message board covered up with a giant scroll that reads “By decree of the only king that matters, Frostivus is cancelled.” The other messages on that board, however, have a few other indications… which may be little references for the amusement of people who spot them, or may be indications of what’s coming.

There’s mention of a missing Frost Greevil attacking wolf pups, which is probably just a reference back to the first day’s picture of Lycan standing proudly over a cooked Greevil. There’s a mostly illegible torn note which mentions “soul”, which has the epileptic trees waving their branches about Soul Keeper.

To my mind, slightly more promising is the other sheet of paper, titled “WANTED: EXPERIENCED COMMANDER.” The legible bits of it ask “Are you free on Frostivus Eve?” and state that “Applicant will be required to supply own legion.” As someone has torn off one of the contact detail bits on the bottom, we can assume that someone has applied for the job. What hero do we know who is an experienced commander that has access to their own legion? Hmm.

I confess that it’s a bit of a stretch, but the specific mention of “free on Frostivus Eve” seems like a hint that Valve really wants a Legion Commander for Frostivus Eve. We know that she’s been pretty close to finished for awhile – to the extent that I suspected it’d either be her or the two spirits coming in the Diretide patch – so it’s not completely out of the bounds of possibility. It seems a little soon after the two spirits were added, but maybe Valve are finally trying to race through the remaining heroes.

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