Valve Is Doubling Down On VR, Working With Oculus Rift

Valve has big plans and predictions for VR, working closely with Oculus Rift. They have gone so far as to claim that consumer VR could be ready as soon as 2015.

In Day 2 of Steam Dev Days, Valve outlined their future plans for VR. Although they were showing off their own VR hardware the day before, they will not be releasing it in the near future. Instead, they will be working with Oculus Rift, and recently released SteamVR to get current Oculus Rift owners to help with beta testing.

Valve believes that, as much as VR will be consumer ready in two years’ time, that the PC will be the epicenter of VR development, and that it will happen across the different OS ecosystems (Linux, Windows and OSX). To this end, Valve intends to promulgate VR as much as they will Steam (which would include Steam Machines).

Pretty exciting times to be a gamer, eh? I’m worried Valve might be spreading themselves too thin, though. Would you agree? Tell us in the comments below.

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