Valve Implements New Player Experiences With Huge Update For Dota 2 (1)

With the premiere of Dota: Dragon’s Blood on Netflix coming up shortly, you already know that more people will be interested in experiencing Dota 2 for themselves. The community has done its part, creating a special tutorial that will show them the ropes. However, Valve was still strangely absent from the conversation. That is no longer the case. In a huge Dota 2 update coming in April, Valve is trying to make Dota 2 a more welcoming experience for all.

A new update post detailed Valve’s approach to helping newcomers learn about Dota 2. Anyone who has ever touched the MOBA knows exactly how much depth there is to the game. By giving players an early hand, Valve will pave the way for more players to get interested and hone their skills.


Valve has taken into considerations the many ways people play and learn, which is why a new system of steady engagement is in place with the new Dota 2 update. This will provide everyone with gradual learning opportunities, rather than an info dump straight from the off.

One of those ways is the all-important New Player Mode. This particular mode will feature a smaller hero pool that does not change. Players will be able to pick up the basics without too many heroes and abilities to confuse them.

Valve Implements New Player Experiences With Huge Update For Dota 2 (2)

You will be able to leave any match at any time without penalty, with a bot taking your place should you leave. This way, you can sample all kinds of heroes, and learn as you play.

All about the player

Valve will keep things even by having only solo players queue up in New Player Mode. A max queue time is also implemented to ensure a game is always within reach. If you are queuing with a party, you will be placed in a match with bots instead. Said bots will be more forgiving in a sense, and rules will be based on the Turbo Mode modifications.

The new Dota 2 update will improve the bots as well. Valve has updated them to support gameplay changes such as outposts, neutral items, and new abilities. They will also be better at laning, farming, rune pickup, as well as ability and item use.

Your old strategies might not work against these new foes, and new players can learn the game with a new bot difficulty level made just for them.

A helping hand

The update will include additional help options. There are now in-game tips, a new player chat, and flexible coaching to further your progression. Facing real opponents is tough, so the Dota 2 update will contain plenty of helpful suggestions in many of the game’s different situations. Whenever the game sees a new player doing something in a match that may not be wise, a helpful wizard will appear to impart some timely life-saving advice.

Valve Implements New Player Experiences With Huge Update For Dota 2 (4)


The new player chat will become available after completing the first set of tasks. Here, you should find trusted community leaders and players who can help answer any questions you have. As for flexible coaching, you can call on the veterans from a dashboard or even in-game. The coaches will be able to text and voice chat, ping or draw for players without impacting others in the game.

The Dota 2 update will also streamline shopping for new players. Limiting its complexity, there will be a guided experience on exactly what to build. Once a player builds each item shown, new choices will pop up and guide you along the way. Instead of focusing on shopping, you will have more time to affect the game instead.Valve Implements New Player Experiences With Huge Update For Dota 2 (3)

Of course, that is not all that is coming with the update. Valve has certainly overhauled the entire experience for new players, and that is a good thing. Be sure to check out the very lengthy update to get the full breakdown of improvements being made to Dota 2 with the April update.

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