Valve working on three full VR games

Valve working on three full VR games

During a VR roundtable discussion at Valve with press Gabe Newell revealed they are working on three VR games.

Valve has already hinted at new VR game development at the studio but this is the first time he’s specifically stated they are not small tech demo games lie The Lab but in fact full releases. As documented by Gamasutra, he stated:

“So one of the questions you might ask us is ‘Why in the world are we making hardware?’ So right now, we’re building 3 VR games. And what we can do now is to be designing hardware at the same time that we’re designing software. This is something that Miyamoto has always had, right?”

Newell also referenced Miyamoto’s design philosophy of thinking about the hardware at the same time as developing the games adding, “Our sense is that that’s going to allow us to actually build much better entertainment experiences for people.”

This is good news for VR users who are looking for quality titles. Newell also confirmed that these new games will be for sale which indicates they will be of some length and quality.

With all of the above taken into consideration, Half Life 3 confirmed. OK, maybe not, that’s never going to happen right?


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