Surgeon Simulator 2013

Yesterday, you might have heard about (or experienced) a strange update for Half-Life 2 which turned all the text and audio into Korean. As this was related to Valve and Half-Life, the internet got on the puzzle-solving case and tried to link it to Half-Life 3. Not so, said Valve. Steam’s twitter support account noted that the update had “some issues,” while another Valve employee shot down Alternate Reality Game (ARG) claims and said it was “just me mucking up.”

Fair enough. Except the Steam support tweet was accompanied by some Korean text that translated as “Prepare for unforeseen consequences.” Could still just be a joke, right?

Sure. Except now Korean text is popping up in Surgeon Simulator 2013 (as spotted by those lovely folks at Neogaf.) As shown in the image above, if you turn over the statue of the medic (earned through one of the new missions following the game’s Team Fortress 2 tie-in update,) you can see a bizarre message. The Korean text this time appears to translate to either “Time” or “It’s Time” or something along those lines. There may also be a solar theme, if the dots relate to planets (which would make the highlighted one Saturn.)

Chances are at least moderate that this is developers Bossa Studios playing a bit of a follow-up prank to Valve’s mistake. Orrrr … it’s totally a slow reveal for Half-Life 3! Or even, possibly, a delayed release of Half-Life 2 for the SEGA Saturn. All aboard the speculation train.

Whatever it is, I hope it’s not a bloody iOS game.

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