June 30th, 2017

Valve’s Steam controller seems to look a bit different now

Somebody has been digging around in the files of the latest Steam client beta and found an interesting image of a controller lay-out. The image comes from Facepunch, by way of NeoGaf, and seems to show a somewhat redesigned Steam controller with a little left-hand analogue stick.

As a reminder, here’s the controller image Valve is currently using as a promo:

It’s an owl.

A pair of trackpads, central touchscreen and various other buttons dotted around. You’ve probably seen that one before. However, here’s the image from the beta client, which presumably is either the latest prototype or an abandoned idea for one.

steam valve controller

It’s grown a little left-hand analogue stick, and is starting to look a bit more ‘traditional’ in general.

Aside from controller images, the new Steam client beta adds the music player capability for all users (not just Big Picture mode.) If you’re signed up for the beta versions (which is as easy as going to Settings – Account and opting in,) you should now have a Music tab under Settings. Here, you can let Steam figure out all the pirated perfectly legitimate music you have on your PC and have it added to your Steam library under a ‘music’ heading. You can then play tracks and albums via the Steam overlay while in game, or just through Steam in general if you fancy.

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