September 28th, 2018

More details on Valve’s VR ‘Knuckles’ controllers

More details on Valve’s VR ‘Knuckles’ controllers

While the Vive VR controllers are pretty decent, they don’t quite match the Rift’s Touch for flexibility. Valve has been busy working on a new set of VR controllers which are being dubbed ‘Knuckles’.

Like the Touch, ‘Knuckles’ fits into and around the hands giving more options and flexibility to players thanks to more buttons, a trackpad, trigger and more buttons on the left hand. With these extra sense points, the fingers are tracked as you can see in the second shot below showing the fingers either on or off the sensor points.

Steam VR

steam vr 2

Valve is currently shipping these out to developers to test and there are now a couple of guides (Quick Start and Sense) that have popped up on the Steam site showing exactly how these work. Hopefully it won’t  be too long until these are pushed into production although there’s bound to be design tweaks before a public launch. It looks like a nifty piece of kit and well designed.

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