Vampire Survivors Patch 1.0

Vampire Survivors has been an unexpected delight in the indie game scene since its initial Early Access release in December of last year. The simple but addictive game tasks players with surviving hordes of monsters for 30 minutes at a time while becoming increasingly more powerful. The twist, though, is that players can only control the movement of their character while the game automates attacks. Now, nine months later, Vampire Survivors has a full 1.0 release date at long last, and it isn’t far away.

Vampire Survivors will launch in its complete state on October 20. While the game has received numerous significant updates during its Early Access period, the 1.0 update will still bring a lot of new content along with it.


Even more reasons to go for another run

Some balance changes will change how certain weapons play in the Vampire Survivors 1.0 update. A lot of weapons will feel more useful after the 1.0 alterations. However, fans of Santa Water/La Borra will be disappointed to know it is receiving a small nerf. New achievements and conditions for older achievements will come into effect, and player save data will remain intact after the update. The game will have multiple languages available, including but not limited to French, German, Turkish, Chinese, and Japanese.

The developer will begin to post daily teasers of the 1.0 content for Vampire Survivors closer to its release date, with the first one coming on October 7. Poncle stresses that despite Vampire Survivors having all its content complete come October 20, the game is far from ending. Poncle still has “a lot more surprises” for fans to enjoy in the future. This includes a shift to a new engine, which should fix some of the lingering bugs.

Vampire Survivors is available on Steam and PC Game Pass. The Vampire Survivors 1.0 update will release on October 20.

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