Vampire Survivors 1.0 scythes bones

Vampire Survivors dev reveals new features ahead of 1.0 release, including an endless mode

The Vampire Survivors news just doesn't stop coming.

After months of updates and teases, we now know that developer poncle plans to release the 1.0 version of Vampire Survivors on October 20. Fans will only have to wait a little more than a week before experiencing Vampire Survivors in its complete state, but of course, poncle still has plenty of news to share until then. On October 7, the developer initiated what he calls the advent calendar. It’s a series of daily updates and teasers revealing various new features that will come to the 1.0 version. So far, all of these updates have come with a spoiler tag in case you want to learn about the 1.0-exclusive features yourself.

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Most of the Vampire Survivors 1.0 news updates cover fairly minor additions and changes, but there exist a few new tidbits that fans will almost certainly be excited about. The first and perhaps the most significant of these updates reveals the existence of a new relic called the Seventh Trumpet. At first, this may not seem like that big of a deal, but it turns out that the relic allows players to activate the Endless stage modifier. This is exactly what it sounds like; players can spend an infinite amount of time in any one of the game’s stages.


Endless carnage

With the Endless modifier on, players will never have to encounter the Reaper enemy that usually appears after a certain amount of time. Additionally, once players pass what would normally be the last enemy wave, they will encounter the same waves again from the beginning, only they will come back stronger and more durable than ever.

The Vampire Survivors 1.0 update will also implement Twitch integration, so viewers will be able to interact more meaningfully with their streamers. Until the 1.0 release date finally arrives, players can keep track of the game’s news hub on Steam for more updates. Additionally, players can enjoy soundtrack pieces and other nifty videos that poncle has uploaded.

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