Vampire Survivors 1.0 to include a ruthlessly challenging Inverse Mode

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If you regularly play Vampire Survivors, you likely already know that the much anticipated 1.0 version will become available on October 20. To fully prepare players and hype them for this release, developer poncle recently began posting daily updates for his advent calendar that tease some of the 1.0 version’s features. The latest update covers a fairly substantial addition to the Vampire Survivors experience in the form of an Inverse Mode.

According to poncle, players can access Inverse Mode by using the Gracia’s Mirror relic. As the name suggests, this mode flips all of the standard levels upside down, which could make for a potentially disorienting experience for those accustomed to the default layouts.


A ghoulish new challenge

If flipping the screen served as the mode’s main draw, then it would come as a nice bonus, but it does much more than that. Not only does the mode give enemies a whopping 200% boost to their health, but it also increases their strength over time.

To compensate, Inverse Mode allows players to earn quite a bit more gold than normal. Additionally, the merchant will have more wares to sell, including an Arcana that grants players an extra space in their Arcana inventory upon purchase.

Expert Vampire Survivors players will no doubt become elated over the prospect of playing an even harder mode than normal, but some may find the inversed levels a bit too disorienting. Fortunately, poncle has taken these players into account, as the game will include the option to leave the levels in their original forms while maintaining the Inverse Mode’s other changes.

In addition to the Inverse Mode announcement, poncle dropped the official Vampire Survivors soundtrack on Steam, which features “36 tracks that combine in-game music, b-sides and jingles.” If you find yourself regularly bobbing your head to the music while playing Vampire Survivors, then this soundtrack release may interest you.

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