Vampire Survivors gets last major content update before the 1.0 version

Vampire Survivors update Queen Sigma character

Throughout its Early Access run, Vampire Survivors has grown exponentially thanks to the continuous influx of new characters, weapons, and other nifty features. Now, developer poncle has confirmed that the long-awaited 1.0 version lies right around the corner, which will inevitably spark another period of constant growth for the game. To tide players over until then, poncle just provided them with the 0.11.0 patch, the last significant content update that Vampire Survivors will receive before the full release.

This update, dubbed “The All-in-One,” does not appear to add anything too crazy that players have not seen before — at least based on the patch notes. The major new addition this time comes in the form of yet another playable character named Queen Sigma.


The developer uploaded a teaser trailer a few days before the update’s release, and it marks a notable shift away from how the developer handled previous trailers. Many of these trailers remained vague about what content their associated updates would feature, but this one proudly displays the update’s character addition front and center. Not only does the trailer feature dedicated promotional artwork for Queen Sigma, but it also contains plenty of footage showing the character decimating enemy hordes with pillars of light.

Anything else to expect?

Of course, the update also implements a host of other features, which include two new weapons, a new arcana, and three additional achievements. Additionally, the update allows players to try out a new batch of hidden “spells,” the name given to special cheat codes that were introduced in the previous patch.

According to a press release, Vampire Survivors fans can expect to receive at least a few more surprises before the 1.0 update finally drops. If there is anything that poncle has consistently delivered on, it’s surprises, so fans will no doubt look forward to what those surprises entail no matter how big or small they might be.

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