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Some brand new details for the upcoming Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 have been unveiled with a lore trailer for the main clan of the game. The Thinbloods, as developer Paradox explains, are a more recent strain of vampires that face daily struggles living in the “World of Darkness.” Others treat them as second-class citizens, rarely giving Thinbloods the respect that full-blood clan members have received.

At the beginning of Bloodlines 2, players will be able to select one of three disciplines to create their Thinblood character with. You’ll have the option of “Chiropteran,” “Mentalism,” or “Nebulation.” Paradox has adopted these classifications from the tabletop RPG, and each contains specific abilities that modify how traversal and combat work. Players will be able to upgrade these abilities throughout their journey to modify how their game handles.

You can see a breakdown of the various traits below, as well as catch a glimpse of a trailer with a lot of background details. Bloodlines 2 is still on track for a 2020 release, so stay tuned for more information.

Chiropteran – Strong affinity for bats, allowing vampires to move through the air and summon swarms.

  • Glide — first active power. Glide greatly lowers the weight of the vampire’s skeleton and muscle mass to allow them to briefly float, reaching otherwise inaccessible areas, swoop down on NPCs to knock them down, or rain down other Disciplines from afar.
  • Bat Swarm — second active power. The vampire can summon a small swarm of bats to attack a target NPC, temporarily disabling them and dealing low damage. This power can be upgraded until a true Maelstrom of leathery wings surrounds the vampire, harrying and damaging those who come too close.

Mentalism – Use telekinesis to manipulate objects and even pull weapons from enemy hands.

  • Pull — first active power. Manipulate inanimate objects using telekinesis, even weapons held by NPCs.
  • Levitate — second active power. Suspends a living NPC in the air. Its strength can be enhanced until the vampire can levitate everyone and everything in an area, and throw suspended enemies around like ragdolls.

Nebulation – Allows the vampire to summon and command mist.

  • Mist Shroud — first active power. Summon a shroud of mist that surrounds the player for a short period. The shroud muffles the sound of footsteps and reduces the range at which the player can be seen. In addition, the player may partially transform into a cloud of mist to perform a choking attack on an NPC or travel through a tight space, like a ventilation fan or duct.
  • Envelop — second active power. Create a stationary, swirling cloud of mist on a target that surrounds, blinds and forcefully enters the lungs of NPCs that it touches.

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